Welcome to Hairsthetics where my goal is to help you achieve your healthy hair goals. 



  • Absolutely NO EXTRA GUEST or CHILDREN under no circumstances

  • Please arrive on time (a late fee of $15 will be charged if you are 15 minutes late)

  • Appointments will be canceled 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment and you will be required to pay a deposit again when the appointment is rescheduled. This is in addition to rules assigned by The Pretty Lounge.

  • Appointment times are ESTIMATES! If you have plans following the appointment please book far enough in advance so that does not effect the flow of the service. 

  • DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE only transferable if rescheduled within the same month. If you reschedule more that one time the second time u will be required to pay another deposit, NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • Loc Retwist are recommended every 6 weeks to maintain healthy full locs

  • YOU WILL BE CHARGED $25 IF I HAVE TO TAKE DOWN YOUR HAIR BEFORE I START IT (this includes removal of twist, braids, or rubber bands)

  • If your hair is not loc’d. ALWAYS COME FULLY DETANGLED. This allows the service to flow faster!

  • All services include shampoo & condition (excluding conditioner on locs)

  • Cash is Preferred

  • Cash, Cash App, Apple Pay, or Zelle are acceptable payment methods

  • Sew ins, Quick Weaves, and Ponytails MUST have new hair NOT USED. (If you bring used hair to your appointment you will need to reschedule and pay another deposit)

  • I do not service sister locs, micro locs, interlocks, or children!

  • ADDRESS TO THE SALON IS SENT WITH THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL (email that is sent as soon as you book your appointment NOT the appointment reminder) 

*****Mask are mandatory & must be worn through the entire service!!!!*****

Loc Care

It is recommended that you brush (yes brush!) your locs. Brushing removes lint from your locs as well as help promote fuller locs. 

PLEASE ALWAYS SLEEP WITH SOMETHING (preferably satin or silk) COVERING YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT. Sleeping with a bonnet, scarf, or durag prevents lint from getting in your locs and helps preserve the style longer. 

Based on your scalp needs it is recommended to spray/ mist your scalp and hair with rose water or regular water then add your desired oil every or every other day depending on how dry your scalp and hair is. 

DO NOT USE conditioners, leave in conditioners, or moisturizers on your locs UNLESS the product is specified for locs. Using these products can cause a build up or film on the hair. 

If you need to cleanse your locs on your own always use a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo followed by a moisturizing shampoo. Design Essentials, Nia the loc God, & Request are recommended brands of shampoo.


Natural Hair Care

It is recommended to sleep with a scarf around your edges as well as a bonnet at night to preserve your styles. In order to have moisturized and defined curls DEEP CONDITIONING YOUR (with heat) HAIR EVERY TWO WEEKS IS A MUST. Protein treatments are recommended once a month or every other month depending on the strength of your hair. When purchasing hair products make sure that they do not have alcohol as a main ingredient.

Silk Press Care

Wrapping your hair at night is essential to helping preserve your style. It is recommended to wrap your hair at night with a scarf then add a bonnet for extra security. This same technique is great for securing your hair for showers but with a shower cap AS WELL. Remove the shower cap as soon as your done showering to prevent your hair from reverting. try to avoid appling oil on your hair before bed because your scarf will absorb all the oil you just applied. Instead do it in the morning or during the day. Try not to add excessive heat to your hair as it can promote heat damage.



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