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Hey homegirls!

Thank you for booking  with me! For more information about me, click our "About Us" page. Just a few quick disclaimers before booking!


1.) All service times are standard estimates; times vary depending on your head size, hair texture, and hair length. Please keep that in mind.


2.) I like to ensure that you receive the desired style, so if you have other obligations to tend to that are around the same time as your ESTIMATED END time, DO NOT BOOK, because I will not rush.


Example: 8AM appointment, with obligations at 5-6:00 ✅ (YES)


 8AM appointment with obligations RIGHT after estimated end time ❌(NO) 

(A whole free day, is the best day to get braided. If you have a strict schedule that you must stick to, just pick another day!)


3.) Please come wash and blow dried. If needed, please add on to service BEFORE coming to your appointment. You can add a shampoo to your appointment by adding a message at booking for $15 (it will be added to your total at appointment)  If you add an a shampoo after booking your appointment, it will be an additional $25.

4.) Please be sure to include desired hair color for box braid appointments. the salon provides basic colors 1,1b,2 & 4. If you book a braid appointment without including your desired hair color, 1b will be the default. 


I hope this ensures that we have a great understanding of what is expected! I hope to slay you soon💓