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Contact Tiasha Directly : 704-460-8722


Hey love,

  I would personally like to thank you for choosing me as your hairstylist. For more information about me, checkout out our "About Us" page.


Please read all details of your desired style BEFORE booking.

1. Masks are required during all services. If you are feeling sick or have had covid-19/have been around someone who has been diagnosed with covid-19, please make sure to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days before booking your appointment.

2. Please refer to our FAQ for late and cancellation policy's. 


3. I like to ensure that you receive the desired style, so if you have other obligations to tend to that are around the same time as your Estimated end time, please do not book, because I will not rush.

4. All services will include a shampoo by me to guarantee optimal results.

5. I do not allow same day style changes. The service you book for is the service you will receive, unless you would like to reschedule for a different day & time.


6. If you need bundles, a closure, or wig for your appointment, you are able to purchase from me at Please be sure to order at least two weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery for you appointment.


7. If you would like color for bundles, closure or wig before your install appointment, it must be dropped off 1 week in advance of your appointment.

Thank you for booking with me!

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